Boscawen-un Stone Circle

Boscawen-un Stone Circle
Coordinates: 50.08978°N 5.618847°W
Ordnance Survey grid reference: SW412274

Boscawen-un is a bronze age ring of 19 standing stones with a diameter of over 20 metres dating from approximately 2500 to 1500 BC. At its centre is a larger stone inclined at a roughly 45 degree angle. The stones are granite, with the exception of one of the stones in the ring that is made of quartz.

The centre stone faces the sunrise at the midsummer solstice, and has a carving of axe heads, or possibly feet, at its base.

The name Boscawen-un is Cornish for “pasture of the farmstead at the elderberry tree”, from the name of a nearby farm.

The circle can be reached via a grassy trail from the A30 between Catchell and Crows-an-wra.

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