The Roundhouse, Sennen Cove

The Roundhouse, Sennen Cove
The Roundhouse in Sennen Cove harbour

The Roundhouse, at Sennen Cove, is a Grade II listed capstan house, originally constructed in 1876 to house the capstan wheel that was used to winch boats up the harbour slipway.

The upper floor is an now a shop selling craft work and souvenirs, which first opened in 1983, while the lower floor became the Capstan Gallery, selling locally-produced fine art, in 1997.

The large wooden beams, used to turn the capstan wheel by hand, can still be seen in the lower floor gallery, while the upper story of the building was originally used to store fishing nets.

Originally, the capstan was part of the winding gear for a local tin mine, which became obsolete when it was converted to steam. When first installed in Sennen Cove harbour, the capstan was exposed to the elements before the roundhouse was constructed to house it.

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