Zennor Village

Zennor Village, Cornwall

The village of Zennor is well known for its legend, which tells of a mermaid, who fell in love with a young resident known as Mathew. The mermaid began visiting the parish church disguised as a woman, after she was enticed by Mathew’s singing. One day the love-struck Mathew followed the mermaid back to her home in Pendour Cove where she told him that she must return to the sea or die. Mathew swore that he would follow her anywhere and carried her into the sea and beneath the waves. It is said that if you sit above Pendour Cove at sunset on a fine summer evening you might hear Mathew singing faintly on the breeze.

Mermaid carving Zennor Church

Mermaid carving on a pew in Zennor Church.

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